I utilize a student-centered approach throughout my teaching in order to push students to develop critical thinking skills and adopt a sociological imagination. To maximize my teaching effectiveness, I use the “flipped classroom” form of class organization and employ active learning and inquiry guided learning in each class period. Writing and discussion activities make regular appearances in each of my class periods, and I make even lectures student-centered by asking students to answer questions and reflect on the materials presented.

My teaching experience is detailed below. It evinces my readiness to teach Introductory Sociology, Research Methods, and Social Psychology courses. However, I am also prepared to develop and instruct courses on topics in my areas of expertise, such as Work and Organizations, Sociology of Gender, and Social Stratification.

Select Teaching Experience*

Instructor of Record for Social Psychology (Fall 2020)

Course description: This course offers an introduction to sociological social psychology. We will examine the development of personality through social interactions and the behavior of individuals in social contexts. Likewise, we will discuss processes of learning, socialization, social perception, organization, stability and change of attitudes, norms, norm-formation and conformity, social roles and role strain, interpersonal attraction, and intergroup and intragroup relations. My general goal for this course is that you are able to understand and evaluate the reciprocal relationship between individuals and society, including the consequences of this relationship.

Instructor of Record for Social Research Methods (Spring 2020; Summer 2020)

Course description: This 4-credit course offers an introduction to social research methods. From a sociological perspective, we will consider how to design and conduct research (including the goals and ethical implications of social research), how to collect data, how to analyze data, and how to evaluate research. General goals for this course are that students will acquire the skills to critically evaluate social research, conduct their own research, and communicate research findings to others.

Instructor of Record for Principles of Sociology (Fall 2018, Spring 2019, Summer 2019; Fall 2019; Fall 2020)

Course description: This course offers an introduction to sociology. We discuss key processes and institutions (including interaction, inequality, organizations, socialization, and social change), along with core sociological concepts, methods, and theories. General goals for this course are that students learn to think sociologically, make evidence-based arguments, become aware of key sociological concepts and issues, and make connections between course materials and their lived experiences.

Lab Instructor for Research Methods in Sociology (Graduate lab; Spring 2019)

Course description: This course offers graduate students an overview of the logic and practice of sociological research. Students study the fundamental features of social research and examine their practical application through a variety of methodologies (e.g., experimentation, survey research, and ethnographic methods). In the lab component of this course, students learn about various practical concerns such as formulating research questions, designing and distributing surveys, cleaning survey data, conducting participant observation research, and coding qualitative data. 

Lab Instructor for Introductory Quantitative Analysis (Graduate lab; Fall 2017)

Course description: This course introduces graduate students to basic statistical methods used by sociologists and other social scientists, examining both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. In the lab component of this course, students are introduced to a statistical software package for the social sciences (Stata) to facilitate understanding of the statistical concepts. The lab component of this course therefore teaches students basic Stata capabilities. 

*Undergraduate courses unless otherwise noted. All teaching experience listed in this section was gained at NC State University.

Select Teaching Training

Teaching and Communication Certificate (2019)

Earned a Teaching and Communication Certificate from the NC State University Graduate School. Completed 100 hours of approved courses and workshops in addition to a final portfolio.

“Teaching Sociology” (2017)

Completed a “Teaching Sociology” graduate course offered at NC State University. Studied teaching as a sociological phenomenon, evaluated teaching techniques, learned about best practices of teaching, and delineated a teaching philosophy. Designed an undergraduate course.