My research interests center on work and organizations, social inequalities, research methods, theory, social psychology, and political sociology. Read more about my dissertation research, along with other current and past projects, in the following sections.

Dissertation Research

My dissertation studies perceptions of diversity among various social groups within a high-tech firm in the southern U.S. Drawing on in-depth interviews, I utilize a grounded theory approach to examine varying definitions of diversity, perceptions of workplace relationships, and perceptions of diversity in tech culture. This research contributes to theory on diversity programs by emphasizing the three relational concerns of categorical inequalities, symbolic boundaries, and intersectionality. However, it also offers clear empirical contributions to the literature by examining the social-psychological negotiation of diversity at various levels (individual, interpersonal, and cultural).

Research Experience at NC State

  • Research Assistant for Program Assessment (Spring 2019)
    • Implemented a program assessment survey of faculty and students; provided an analysis of quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Summer 2017)
    • Cleaned two quantitative datasets; ran descriptive statistics and regressions on variables of interest. Created figures to portray results.
  • Research Assistant for Graduate Assessment (Summer 2017)
    • Analyzed annual reviews for the 2016-2017 academic year to report on patterns of success within the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.
  • Graduate Research Assistant (Spring 2016)
    • Conducted qualitative coding of over 300 newspaper articles.

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