Quantitative Survey Items (Mean Responses):

“Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher” 
Fall 2018: 4.3/5
Spring 2019: 4.7/5

“This course improved my knowledge of the subject”
Fall 2018: 4.5/5
Spring 2019: 4.5/5

“Overall, this course was excellent”
Fall 2018: 4.2/5
Spring 2019: 4.3/5

Qualitative Student Evaluations: 

“She was enthusiastic and very creative in her way of teaching different aspects of sociology. As an exchange student I didn’t have any difficulties to understand the material. She spoke clearly. Her course was well organized and I really liked it. The athmosphere in the class was very good. She gave a lot of time for discussions about relevant topics. This was my favorite sociology course that I have done in my studies and I am a senior.”

“Professor Wilcox was very receptive and clear about what was expected and would be addressed in the class and on exams. I found that professor Wilcox explained material well and used useful examples and activities to aid in concepts.”