Quantitative Survey Items

“Overall, the instructor was an effective teacher” 

Fall 2018: 4.3/5
Spring 2019: 4.7/5*
Summer 2019: 4.6/5 
Fall 2019:  4.8/5*

“The instructor’s teaching aligned with the course’s learning objectives/outcomes” 

Fall 2018: 4.3/5
Spring 2019: 4.7/5* 
Summer 2019: 4.8/5* 
Fall 2019: 4.8/5*

“The instructor was enthusiastic about teaching the course”

Fall 2018: 4.3/5
Spring 2019: 4.6/5*
Summer 2019: 4.7/5
Fall 2019: 4.9/5*

“Overall, this course was excellent”

Fall 2018: 4.2/5
Spring 2019: 4.3/5*
Summer 2019: 4.5/5*
Fall 2019: 4.5/5*

Note: Mean responses reported. * denotes equal to or greater than department mean. NC State University did not collect quantitative teaching evaluations from Spring 2020 – Spring 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Qualitative Student Evaluations

“She was enthusiastic and very creative in her way of teaching different aspects of sociology. As an exchange student I didn’t have any difficulties to understand the material. She spoke clearly. Her course was well organized and I really liked it. The atmosphere in the class was very good. She gave a lot of time for discussions about relevant topics. This was my favorite sociology course that I have done in my studies and I am a senior.” (Principles of Sociology, Fall 2018)

“I didn’t expect Ms. Wilcox to be my favorite teacher of the semester because I only needed SOC 202 as a GEP, but I thoroughly enjoyed her class. She had a really good mix of lectures, interactive activity, small group discussion, and large group discussion, all which helped me learn. Whenever I had a reason to be out of class, she was very understanding and helped me with what I needed to do to stay caught up. Her exams were very fair and a good resemblance of what she taught in the course.” (Principles of Sociology, Spring 2019)

“Professor Wilcox was constantly prepared for class and made the material very engaging.” (Principles of Sociology, Summer 2019)

“Strengths: -Covered material very well, but also gave student accountability on their own learning. -Written exams allowed students to clearly communicate that they understood course material, especially for those prone to forgetting buzzwords. -Enthusiastic about class and incredibly respectful to students. -Understanding and receptive to diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Weaknesses: N/A.” (Principles of Sociology, Fall 2019)

“Annika is very helpful and knowledgeable as well as [teaching assistant]. I appreciate when teachers go the extra mile for students to help them & these teachers did just that. Annika did a good job of making material understandable and always allowed questions for understanding.” (Social Research Methods, Spring 2020)

“This was by far my favorite course that I took this semester. I joined the class late due to COVID and late registration and she was nothing but helpful in terms of catching me up. On top of this, our weekly discussion posts and classes were full of relevant and engaging information that has me well prepared to discuss social concepts in everyday life. She was always available for help, even if it did not pertain to class information directly. Overall, a great experience for this COVID semester.” (Social Psychology, Fall 2020)

“Annika was an amazing instructor. She always made us feel comfortable during lecture discussions and was very patient with us over the zoom format. In this course we learned about various social issues which is good for educating this generation on things we may not all know. Overall this class was very enjoyable and the content and instructor helped aid this enjoyment.” (Principles of Sociology, Spring 2021)